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#12 Dr. Jimmy Bagley - Limits Of Muscular Potential And Muscle Physiology

October 21, 2020

In today's episode, Daniel sits down with Jimmy Bagley. Topics of discussion include limitations to muscle growth, muscle fiber differentiation, PED's and gene doping, AMPK and mTOR, blood flow restriction training, improving tendon strength, and more.




01:47 How does muscle growth occur?

08:23 What are the leading theories explaining the upper limits of muscle growth?

12:26 How is muscle growth impacted by biological age and training age?

13:49 At what age do muscle fibers start to differentiate between type I and type II?

18:30 When regaining lost muscle will the muscle fiber distribution match what you had previously?

20:37 How far can an individual develop athletically in spite of not having optimal genetics?

26:13 What physiological factors outside of muscle fiber type impact force production?

28:30 How do PED’s help an individual exceed their natural limit for muscle growth?

33:02 Gene doping

35:35 AMPK and mTOR signaling

38:29 Muscle fiber types and substrate utilization

42:10 What research are you currently working on?

48:08 Recommendations for improving tendon strength

51:44 Blood flow restriction and tendon health

53:00 Relationship between the rate of force development and 1RM strength

55:48 What’s one controversial opinion you have?

01:03:30 Where can people find you?




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