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#10 Bryce Lewis - Psychological Preparation For Competition

October 6, 2020

In today's episode, Daniel sits down with Bryce Lewis. Topics of discussion include overcoming psychological hurdles, developing confidence as an athlete, brining awareness into your training, building mental toughness, how to approach competitions, dealing with burnout, and more.




00:09 Introduction

02:37 What psychological hurdles have you had to overcome as an athlete?

04:33 How did you overcome anxiety related to lifting very heavy weights?

07:56 How do you instil confidence and consistency with an athlete?

12:57 How do you find the balance between maintaining an intrinsic focus during competition while simultaneously being cognizant of the competition and what you need to do to win?

15:48 How do you build a strong coach/athlete relationship?

19:01 How do you bring more awareness and focus into your training sessions?

22:32 Is there a difference in how you mentally approach training vs the competition?

23:40 What mental process do you use to prepare to lift a weight you’ve never attempted before?

25:59 How do you deal with lingering doubt during a competition?

27:28 Is there a particular area of research that’s helped you gain a better understanding of your own psychology?

29:57 How do you build mental toughness?

36:31 What’s the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

40:25 How do you avoid burnout as a competitive powerlifter?

44:50 The influence of your social circle on performance

47:12 How did you overcome burnout?

51:55 Making decisions quickly to move past setbacks

54:53 Utilizing a blinded approach to weight selection

01:00:10 At the 2018 world championships did you know you were fighting for first place on the podium?

01:01:52 Defensive pessimism and recalibrating your level of effort

01:10:37 Where can the listeners find you?




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